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Démonstration du contrôleur iJoyPad sur iPhone 3Gs [Vidéo]


Voici une nouvelle démonstration vidéo du contrôleur de jeux iJoyPad pour iPhone/iPod Touch que je vous avais présenté en novembre 2008 testé cette fois-ci avec un iPhone 3Gs. Pour info, les jeux Wipeout XL et Ridge Racer sont émulés sur l’iPhone 3Gs à l’aide à la dernière version de psx4iPhone.

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  2. hey guys, i just wanted to chime in here. yeah this guys hands are so insanely fat, i can just imagine his wrists. i was just trying to describe someone i knew with fat wristhands the other day (not this fat), now i have a video example.

  3. I bet every time that right hand goes off-screen he’s nom-nom-ing on the greasy leg of a roasted animal, or dipping a rag into a bucket of lard and squeezing the fat into his slavering maw… he also needs to cut his frigging fingernails.

  4. Now if Sony had any sense (and recent history suggests they don’t) they’d release an official PSX emulator for the iPhone, and make big bucks selling games on the app store – y’know like Sega.

    Naturally, this will never, ever, ever happen. See ya Sony, you were a huge part of my gadget upbringing.

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